This game is made for New Horizons Jam.

You are the unicorn sent by the gods to restore hope to humans in these difficult times and guide them into the future.

The game starts at the end of 2021 and represents the main challenges for the planet that current events offers us.

The unicorn was chosen for the game because it perfectly represents the spirit of the jam and the game.

The unicorn is an invincible and magical animal, representing strength, victory and purity, but also those private companies that have reached a market valuation of over 1 billion dollars.

Have fun!


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Also the virus number indicator doesn't restart after death, and stops at 99

I didn’t want the score go to 0 when the player die, it seemed too frustrating, but I could change it in the future.

99 is too low? I didn’t evaluated determination of some players :-)

thanks for suggestions!

The story is short and good, so I like it. The quality of the game is high I think, the arts and the music is good, and I didn't find any bug at all. But its just a very avarage platformer game after all, like a mario clone with less element and other sprites, so its not very fun to play. Another problem is that its not very clear what is platform/ground and what is not, you should indicate it somehow, maybe with a bit lighter shade or something. From programmer perspective, when I jump, and release z, the player instant start to go down, like if she meet a platform above his head, if you work in unity there us tutorial for this kind of jump, but with more realistic. At all its a good work, the quality is very good, you just have to make a more uniqe and fun gameplay next time.

The problem is the timing of the jam, with more time I can improve it, so your suggestions are valuable.
What is platform and what is not, is part of the game challenge.
Unlike the classic platformers, here the story is very important and has some references to current events.

Spoiler: mountain level in the future